"Urine Sediment Analysis"

  • We developed an urine sediment analyzer using microscopic urine sediment images. The development involved various techniques from Deep Learning, Computer Vision, CNN & GAN for Arkray Inc. Japan. Further details are prohibited under Non-Disclosure Agreement.

  • This work produced a Research Publication at MICCAI 2019 & a Patent (filed patent in japan).

"Semantic Multinomial Representation for Scene Images using Pseudo-concepts and Concept Neural Network"

  • In order to improve scene image classification we formulated Semantic multinomial(SMN) representation for images by deriving pseudo-concepts from Convolutional Neural Networks. We developed Concept neural network (CoNN) to classify these SMN representations.

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"Odia Language Stemmer"

  • We developed a stemmer for Odia language during my B.Tech at ITER, Odisha (India). A task opted from FIRE-2012, Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata. A suffix stripper algorithm was implemented (without using YASS tool), with some limitations.

"Pattern Classification"

  • This course project aims to classify different patterns of signals (e.g, Images, Speeches, Data points etc.). The project was meant to address to classify linear, non-linear and overlapping data.

  • It involved machine learning techniques like Baye's classification, GMM, KNN, SVM, NN etc.

  • The project was developed using MATLAB.