Hi, I'm Deepak K. Pradhan

I’m a researcher, who is passionate about the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence, that can make our day to day life easier.  My current research deals with the application of deep learning, computer vision in Healthcare & Medial Domain. As of now, I have been trying to take low-level visual features up to a high-level semantic concepts. I have also explored classification and annotation task using deep neural networks. 

Areas of Interest: Medical Image Analysis, Computer vision, Deep Learning, Computational Biology, Gene Expression Analysis. 

"Currently, I do my research in the field of "Computer Vision & Deep Learning, Log Anomaly Detection" at Research & Development  (R&D) Division in India for Mavenir Systems "

Previously I was working with Arkray (R&D) Inc. Kyoto Laboratory in Japan and Blinkware Technology Sdn. Bhd.  - R&D, at Malaysia.